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Welcome Dear Visitor,
We provide more experience for you with your

YouTube with download option and english subtitle
More than 1000 Online IPTV from all the World, some of them in HD.
More than 3000 Movies and Music Concerts in HD.
HD movies with option to insert from your local storage subtitle in '.srt' format
Many movies in SD quality with audio and subtitles in Bulgarian, English, German, French, Italian, Israeli
and other languages.
Many Podcast video from popular TV channels and Internet.

Direct access to Metafeeds and yours Metafeeds favorites.
Direct access to My Menu on local storage - to create your own menu in rss.




Свалете и инсталирайте фирмуера според вашия плеар - Playon!HD, Playon!HD2, Playon!HD Mini, Playon!HD Mini2, Playon!DVR-HD  -  r8755 или ДиваХД със сменен бутлоадер на ПлейОн. DIVA Full HD Explorer (RTD1185DD).


Моля пишете за впечатления и препоръки в контактната форма или във форума на http://forum.setcombg.com/index.php/topic,48507.0.html :)



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